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20th annual ifrs masterclass

IFRS MasterClass 2025

26 February 2025  |  VIRTUAL EVENT

Master the complexities of global financial reporting standards

The online conference is designed to empower finance professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate IFRS challenges in financial reporting, ensuring compliance and transparency in reporting practices. 

What you'll gain

This unique platform offers a comprehensive learning experience that will empower you to make informed decisions and achieve compliance with confidence.

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Get the latest developments within IFRS regulations. 
  • Real-world application: Hear expert observations on how IFRS standards are impacting the New Zealand economy.
  • Actionable insights: Gain practical knowledge from in-depth case studies.
  • Network and collaborate: Connect with peers and industry leaders.

Key themes:

IFRS Updates & Global Impact:

Stay informed on IFRS changes and their global influence.

NZ Economic & Regulatory Environment:

Plan for NZ’s economic future and navigate its evolving financial regulations.

Financial Reporting Compliance:

Master compliance with comprehensive strategies and avoid potential consequences.

Emerging Issues:

Understand and address rising topics like climate disclosures and AI ethics in finance.

Financial Innovation:

Explore the impact of AI and embedded finance on business models.

Communication Strategies:

Learn to effectively communicate financial information to non-financial audiences

Work in Progress.... We're currently working on our 2025 agenda


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Welcoming remarks from the MC


Global outlook and update on IFRS

  • Insights into the current global financial reporting landscape

  • Overview of the latest IFRS updates and their impact

  • Investigating new insights around Primary Financial Statements

  • Exlopring how financial reporting standards will influence international financial policy


Economic update

  • Planning for the upcoming 6,12, & 18 months in the New Zealand context

  • Discussing the regulatory framewords governing financial market infrastructure

  • Examining the influence of thechnological advancements on financial market infrastructure and regulatory approachs

  • Exlopring how financial reporting standards will influence international financial policy


Morning break


Mastering your financial reporting in 2025

  • Understanding the comprehensive scope of financial reporting requirements

  • Exploring the key thresholds triggering obligations and compliance needs

  • Implementing effective strategies and practical steps to ensure compliance

  • Assessing the potential consequences of non-compliance with financial reporting obligations

  • Navigating complex exemptions and special cass in financial reporting


IAS 1 to IFRS 18 - Presentation and Disclosure in Financial Statements


Tax update: Deferred tax / accounting tax issues

  • Standardising deferred tax treatments ensures consistent and comparable accounting across transactions like leases and decommissioning obligations

  • Recognising deferred tax impacts upfront provides a clear financial picture from the outset of specific transactions

  • Immediate acknowledgement of deferred tax assets and liabilities for transactions with equivalent initial differences enhances accuracy in financial reporting

  • Aligning tax implications closely with asset and liability recognition enhances transparency in financial statements, aiding stakeholders' understanding




Climate Disclosures: Examining recent developments and aligning your organisation with the standard

  • Insights into recent climate disclosures and their implications 

  • The importance of governance in climate reporting and disclosure practices 

  • Strategies to enhance the quality and impact of your climate reporting 

  • Requirements and expectations for climate disclosure in 2025 

  • Practical steps to improve your climate disclosure practices 

  • Aligning New Zealand's climate disclosure standards with those of Australia 


Case Study: Journey into Climate Disclosure

  • Initial steps and challenges in embarking on climate disclosure 

  • Strategies implemented to improve climate reporting practices 

  • Achievements and milestones reached along the journey 

  • Lessons learned and insights gained from the process 


Navigating AI's role in responsible and ethical decision-making

Ethics in finance is increasingly intersecting with AI-driven decision-making, posing new challenges and opportunities for the industry. As financial institutions embrace AI technologies to enhance efficiency and decision-making, ensuring ethical practices becomes crucial. Balancing innovation with ethical considerations is critical to maintain trust and integrity in the financial sector, fostering a future where AI serves as a tool for responsible and transparent financial practices. 


Afternoon break


Software as a service: Strategic insights into embedding SaaS in finance

  • Understanding the impact of embedded finance on SaaS providers 

  • Exploring opportunities and achieving successful integration beyond traditional methods 

  • Addressing challenges in adopting embedded finance for SaaS providers 

  • Strategising for compliance and enhancing data security 

  • Effective implementation of embedded finance: best practices in partner selection and communication 

  • Forecasting future trends in transforming SaaS business models 


Effective communication strategies to engage with non-financial stakeholders

  • Tailoring financial information for non-financial stakeholders: Strategies and best practices 

  • Simplifying complex financial concepts without losing essential details 

  • Using storytelling techniques to make financial data relatable and impactful 

  • Addressing common misunderstandings or misconceptions about financial information 

  • Leveraging visual aids and other communication tools to enhance understanding and engagement 


Closing remarks


To be announced.

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