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25 February 2025 | VIRTUAL EVENT

2025 Managment Accountant Conference

Empowering strategies for the modern Management Accountant

What's new?

Welcome to our Management Accounting Conference, where we delve into the exciting and transformative journey that management accountants are embarking upon. In a rapidly evolving business realm, the role of management accountants is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis. Beyond the traditional confines of historical data analysis, our conference focuses on the pivotal shift toward predictive capabilities and forecasting.

This conference is a vital platform for industry professionals to navigate this dynamic landscape successfully. We’ll explore the multifaceted dimensions that management accountants must now embrace, including honing effective communication skills, mastering sustainability reporting, harnessing the power of technology, and much more.

Key themes

  • Embracing AI
  • Work smarter and faster with AI
  • Planning and forecasting when we have a bad/unstable economy
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Communication techniques
  • Growing a business during an economic disruption
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Work In Progress…. We’re currently working on our 2025 agenda

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