Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Skills

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Achieving the Fundamentals of Negotiation

  • Getting clear on what a negotiation really is
  • Taking a strategic approach to negotiation - understanding the key types of negotiations
  • Achieving an objective mindset so you can fully understand differing perspectives
  • How your beliefs, values and triggers and how they can help or hinder you
  • Thinking on your feet – specific negotiation skills to focus on

Activity Challenge:  Arguing for and against your position

Your Negotiation Style

  • The common traits of successful negotiators and why they matter
  • Exploring your personal negotiation style
  • Examining what your style means in practice and how you can modify it
  • Understanding what collaboration really means and how to maximise it
  • Why “win-win” is an over-used term and what other negotiation outcomes exist

Activity Challenge: Exploring the results of your Negotiation Style Questionnaire


The Process and Preparation Tools

  • Cementing the five stages of negotiation to clarify the “roadmap”
  • Taking a wider view of trading possibilities to maximise your potential
  • Achieving greater clarity around your own bargaining position and theirs
  • Understanding the leverage associated with ‘cost’ and ‘value’
  • What to do when you only have 15 mins to prepare for a negotiation

Activity Challenge: Using preparation tools

Understanding Influence and Persuasion in the Context of a Negotiation

  • Influence, persuasion and manipulation – recognising the distinct differences
  • Understanding simple persuasion concepts that can strengthen your effect
  • What makes some people more persuasive?
  • Recognising how you can build your power and credibility
  • Your opening gambit – what is it and using it to optimise your negotiation entry point

Activity Challenge: Designing and delivering powerful opening gambits


Negotiation in Practise

  • Applying what you’ve learned so far to a negotiation scenario
  • Working in small teams to explore your position and prepare for a negotiation
  • Focusing on uncovering interests and expanding your understanding of the negotiation
  • Testing assumptions and using your preparation tools in real time
  • Observing or participating in a live negotiation to examine negotiation dynamics

Activity Challenge: Preparation for a negotiation and uncovering interests

Optimising and Leveraging your Negotiation Mindset

  • The age-old wisdom of ‘BATNA’ and how it changes the way you think
  • Recognising trip-wires and knowing when and how to call a ‘no deal’
  • How having a ‘bottom line’ can work against you in some situations
  • Recognising how unconscious and conscious biases can influence outcomes
  • Thinking about the impact of culture and gender in negotiation

Activity Challenge: Developing a BATNA and exploring dirty tactics


Tackling Negotiation Ploys and Moving Towards Closing and Finalising the Deal

  • Identifying and handling negotiation ploys and ‘dirty tricks’ that are intended to derail
  • Top techniques for trading and bargaining that will strengthen your approach
  • Reading the signals for closing and knowing how to act on them
  • Handling the situation when you’re at an impasse – how 
  • Key points to consider to make sure you can close your deal with confidence

Activity Challenge: Establishing your Personal Development Plan as a Negotiator

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