Fiona Docherty-Wright

Head of Infrastructure Funding & Development Strategy

Auckland Council

Fiona has worked in development for 24 years and in Development Programme Office at Auckland Council for 6 years leading a team to undertake the analysis of the type, scope, cost and location of infrastructure required to support development in brownfield and greenfield areas across the region. Fiona’s team at Auckland Council works on strategic growth areas closely with Auckland Transport, three waters and social infrastructure finance legal and strategy departments within Council, as well as Crown Infrastructure and development / finance agencies and developers. Once the team has ascertained the required infrastructure to service a growth area, they work with their finance department to identify the appropriate method of funding and financing the necessary infrastructure, whether through the Long Term Plan and Development Contributions, direct provision by the developer through an Infrastructure Funding Agreement, targeted rate, crown funding, or infrastructure levy through Crown grants or legislation such as the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Legislation. Often it is a combination of all of these. Finally, they work with the developers and asset owners to set out a programme of phased and funded infrastructure to support development and cashflow.