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Our Purpose

We build capability & create connection to be a catalyst for positive change for organisations that put people at the centre of their success.

We focus our contribution on four domains

We believe positive change and impact in these four areas are critical for a better world. We believe that by connecting like-minded people and building capability in both individuals and organisations, we can play a role as a catalyst for this.


At Brightstar, we champion both the investment in and development of talent at all levels to foster sustainable success and cultivate exceptional organizational cultures amid constant change and disruption.


At Brightstar, we’re committed to catalysing collective action towards sustainable transformation by connecting individuals, organizations, and sectors for positive impact.


At Brightstar, with over twenty years of experience, we advocate for a holistic approach to wellbeing by facilitating meaningful dialogue and interaction across critical sectors such as health and education.


At Brightstar, we connect technology providers with real change-makers to harness innovation for a better world.


Our Journey

Founded by Steve Scott in 1996, Brightstar is proudly and firmly rooted in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

A small group of four who quickly established a notable roster of business events, many of which are still around today creating a core of our events calendar. Since then, we have grown steadily and now own and manage an annual calendar of 60+ summits, exhibitions and awards programmes and provide numerous premium training courses and interventions for clients.

In the early 2000s we renamed ourselves Conferenz acquired our main competitor and rebranded that part of the business Brightstar. Conferenz became our “conferences brand”, whilst Brightstar was our “training brand”.  

By 2021 we have now developed into a business occupying a unique category. Our journey never stops. 

The last four years have been a period of huge challenge and a period of significant change in the events business. What we have seen is the inate desire for humans to connect with each other and that continues to be at the heart of what we do. 

Our hearts are open as we seek the internal change to ensure we find our appropriate pathway on a cultural and sustainability journey and find our place in a modern Aotearoa-New Zealand.