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Energy, Utilities & Construction

Building the Foundations of Our Nation

Insights and innovations shaping our infrastructure

The Energy, Utilities & Construction sectors are at the forefront of building a sustainable and resilient infrastructure for the future of our country.

Our events focus on innovative solutions, regulatory changes, and emerging trends in these vital sectors that are facing into the needs of a growing population, legacy infrastructure replacement and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Join industry leaders, engineers, planners and policymakers to explore advancements in the likes of renewable energy, modern and sustainable construction practices, energy sector reforms and resource planning changes.

By attending, you’ll gain critical insights, foster collaborations, and discover strategies to drive efficiency, sustainability, and growth in your projects and operations.

Latest in Energy, Utilities & Construction
Aotea Centre, Auckland - New Zealand

New Zealand renewables operators have a long-running track record and particular expertise in the market and network integration of renewable generation in a renewables-dominated energy system. Australian operators have a long-running track record and particular expertise in the deployment of solar and wind generation on a large scale. Attend to hear experts in these areas, including the operators themselves present and participate in facilitated panel discussions.