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Education is the cornerstone of personal and professional development, shaping the future of individuals, communities and societies alike. Our events in the Education sector bring together educators, administrators, policymakers, and thought leaders to explore the latest trends, methodologies, and innovations in teaching and learning to help stimulate new approaches to learning and delivery in the classroom and the professional development of both individual educators, leaders and teams.

Attending these events offers valuable insights based on the latest in research, practical strategies, and networking opportunities with sector practitioners and peers to enhance educational practices, drive academic excellence, and foster a culture of continuous improvement in educational institutions.

Latest in Education
Grand Millennium Auckland, Auckland - New Zealand

Our economic future depends on having a competitive workforce that is skilled in science and technology, and that is where STEAM Education plays a critical role in enabling tomorrow’s innovators and problem solvers. Very few schools are fully equipped to run STEAM programs in Aotearoa and only 4 schools on the North Island are successfully practicing it. Join us at the STEAM Education Summit 2024 to fill these gaps, learn from the experts and get answers to the important questions.