Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Skills

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Negotiation is an everyday event and knowing how to navigate the world of negotiation is a critical business skill.  Negotiations can happen anywhere, and there doesn’t have to be a huge deal at stake for the outcome of your negotiation to really matter.

‘Strategic Negotiation and Influence’ is about understanding how to lead the negotiation process, uncover positions, know your priorities and use proven techniques that allow you to influence the outcomes of your negotiation. 

Part of negotiating effectively is about recognising your own style, strengths and triggers, and working to develop a level of awareness that will increase your confidence and focus.  

Through practical exercises, you will learn how to apply techniques and concepts that will help you to develop a more strategic focus and mindset, and use practical tools to help you to prepare for your negotiations.

In this highly-interactive training course, you will start developing the skills you need to tackle a wide range of negotiation situations with colleagues, clients, staff, suppliers … even your boss.  Whether you’re looking for more confidence in negotiations, or you are simply keen to find better ways not to ‘ruffle feathers’, this course will help you to optimise your approach and start applying sound strategies to improve your negotiation relationships and results.

The course offers a unique opportunity to develop and practice your skills in a relaxed, supportive and confidential setting.


Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, you will have:

  • discovered how you can build your credibility and confidence as a negotiator
  • examined your personal negotiation style and what that means in practise
  • explored how collaboration can influence a “win-win” outcome
  • identified the stages of a negotiation so you can confidently navigate the process
  • used simple preparation tools that can amplify your clarity and focus
  • considered common persuasion techniques that can help to shape your argument
  • recognised how having a “BATNA” can add real value to your negotiation outcomes
  • thought about key ways that you can strengthen your approach to bargaining


Past Attendee Testimonials

"Practical activities and the group size were useful as you had the opportunity to contribute. Pam is a very engaging facilitator and it was the right mix of theory and practical activities." Louise Fowler, Product Manager, KiwiBank

"I don't usually hand out high fives but feel that this genuinely deserves it! The application to everyday complex scenarios will make it easy to transfer the skills back to work." Nick Petkow, Manager Airfield Maintenance, Wellington International Airport

"The skills and techniques Pam presented to the group will be of great value in a wide range of formal and informal negotiation scenarios. I would recommend this training not only to people engaged in formal negotiations but also to technical people who face negotiations of a less formal nature on a day to day basi s". Damian Woodhouse, Senior Enterprise Architect, Ministry of Social Development

"I'm involved in supplier engagement on a daily basis. I will apply the skills taught to make a positive impact back at work. Pam's experience and little stories were most useful." Fairul Ghani, Category Advisor, Accident Compensation Corporation



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  • 5 - 6 Oct 2022