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Training and Capability

We understand that your people are the heartbeat of your organisation, bringing with them energy, momentum, and expertise that build your connections to the world.

However, creating the conditions for success and enabling your team to do their best work can be a complex task in today's fast-changing landscape. That's where we come in.

We're committed to building capability and creating connections, with a focus on people and organisations at our core. We bring the training to help build organisational capability. We're here to help you thrive.

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Need some expertise to align your people-supporting systems and supercharge the Capability of your People?

Brightstar is dedicated to building capability in New Zealand organisations

Training from our specialist experts can align and supercharge your people, getting you to your strategic goals faster and smarter, saving time, money and frustration and avoiding the pain of costly errors.

Talk to us about the type of expertise you would like to access.

Use our services to:

  • Bring to life your strategy, desired culture and goals
  • Close performance and skill gaps
  • Remove barriers
  • Build successful people development strategies
  • Create engaging learning solutions at all levels
  • Close the loop, evaluate impact for continuous improvement

Build capability in your people for better outcomes:

  • Business success through enabled, motivated, and focused people
  • Aligned operations, processes, and effort across the organisation
  • Strong, clear, positive, and effective company-wide communication
  • Highly skilled people and collaborative high performing teams
  • Reduced errors and waste
  • Positive and valued workplace and employee experience
  • Phenomenal workplace culture and workplace values
  • Improved workplace relationships and cross functional understanding
  • Improved employee wellness and eliminated social hazards in the workplace, bullying, harassment, bias, stress, and conflict

A network of experts

Collaboration is in our DNA and we have exceptionally talented experts in our network. Using external experts helps save you time, money and frustration and help you get to goal faster. We select the right expert or team of experts to help with your project.

We deliver the training solution to get you to goal.

A network of experts

Companies we train for success

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