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18 February 2024, Hunuas Aotearoa


To re:new means to re:store, re:plenish, re:generate or re:vive something that was previously in existence –  
in this case the optimal health, biodiversity and of Aotearoa New Zealand – our home and our place.

re:new is a platform to act as a catalyst for igniting connection and accelerating the capability and influence of
Sustainability Leaders in Aotearoa New Zealand for the purpose of delivering material, positive outcomes towards a Sustainable Nation.

re:new is about building a network and re:ach of connections for action and building of capability to deliver re:al impact and outcomes.

Why re:new?


Power of collaboration

re:new is a platform designed to harness the power of collaboration to promote and advance the mindset, profession and practice that is Sustainability Leadership in all of Aotearoa New Zealand’s private and public sector organisations. 


Sustainability leadership

re:new is ultimately about leadership and more specifically, sustainable leadership in organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand. We want to hero the importance of Sustainability Leaders and their roles as catalysts, innovators and change agents in their organisations to mobilise action, influence strategy and hero the imperatives of embedding and designing sustainability into all of the decisions we make.

Group 217

Needing to do more

re:new is about more: By more: we mean sustainability is more: than just carbon and climate – it is about a holistic approach to environmental, economic, social and governance and the impact that these can have on our people and nation. re:new is also about all just needing to do more!

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Take action

re:new is about aspiring for gre:at, but also getting re:al about the how and why for New Zealanders to take action and do what’s right for us, our people, our land and ultimately this is what we can do and influence. 

Group 219

Impact our community

re:new is about Aotearoa New Zealand and getting re:al about what our people and organisations can do to impact our world and our community. Outcomes we can see and experience.

Group 220

Our people, our land

re:new is about re:spect for our past, our future:, our peoples and our land.

What, Where and When

We are in the process of building a series of re:new connection events and capability programmes to be launched in 2024 and beyond, starting with:

Re:new Leadership in Sustainability Conferece

18 February 2025
Hunuas, Aotearoa

Re:new Sustainability & Climate Reporting Conference

18 February 2025
Hunuas, Aotearoa

Re:new Decarbonising Industry

18 February 2025
Hunuas, Aotearoa

Who are we?

Brightstar has been a catalyst for creating connection and building capability across sectors for more than 25 years and we are proud to be working with many fantastic partners to bring this to life.

As a business, we are on our own sustainability journey; challenging the way we do business – both ourselves and as an events sector. There is much to be done and as a small business, we can only achieve our aspirations by working together with many different stakeholders. 

The Sustainable Business Network has been at the forefront of sustainability in New Zealand for more than 20 years and been a passionate advocate for creating the eco-system and capability required to make the change necessary with the organisations and individuals who are champions of a regenerated Aotearoa New Zealand.


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