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The ultimate event to get you up to speed on the recent trends in everything health and safety

Health & Safety Leaders' Summit

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26 - 27 March 2025

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08:30 AM (NZDT)

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Due Drop Events Centre, Auckland - New Zealand

From management to leadership:
The critical edge to build a safer and healthier workplace

Have you ever asked yourself what the difference in management and leadership is?

Here is a simple explanation:


You’re focus is primarily on day-to-day operations and achieving short-term goals. As a manger, you ensure tasks are completed efficiently, processes are followed, and deadlines are met. You are concerned with things like resource allocation, control, and performance.


You’re focusing on long-term visions and lasting impact. As a leader, you inspire and motivate others to achieve a common goal that goes beyond immediate results. Your legacy is built on the positive change you’ve create for your team, your organisation, and potentially even beyond. You leave people feeling empowered, inspired, and with a sense of purpose.

Let's get you moved from a management mindset to leadership legacy.

Transform yourself to be an expert, innovator and visionary at the Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit 2025. So, you can not only achieve your goals but have a last impact!

Join a community of forward-thinking leaders and uncover next-generation strategies and insights to enhance the workplace safety and wellbeing landscape.

What is going to await you:

This summit is not just about keeping up with the pace; it is about shaping your and everyone else’s future.
  • Disruptive insights: Explore cutting-edge advancements for safety solutions, predictive analytics for wellbeing, and the rise of the human-centric workplace
  • Future-proof strategies: Gain actionable insight to navigate emerging trends, adapt to a changing workforce, and thrive in the years ahead
  • Collaborative inspiration: Network with leaders and industry peers, share best practice, and co-create a future where wellbeing and safety are seamlessly integrated

Empower your choice: Craft your perfect conference experience

Day 1 of this summit will provide you with everything you need to know to excel your health & safety leadership!

Day 2 is designed by you. We have two streams and you can decide for each session, which topic is the most relevant to your practice that allows you to drive change.

Choose between:

  • Health & Wellbeing at work
  • Innovation & Technology in health and safety

Who will be there?

Take a sneak peak: Who will be there?

This summit is your chance to network with industry and occupational leaders and peers that share your passion for health & safety

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The location and how you can get there


Due Drop Events Centre
770 Great South Road, Wiri, Manukau 2104


Work In Progress…. We’re currently working on our 2025 agenda

Download the 2024 brochure to get a sneak peak of what might await you next year!


View the Agenda tab to download the brochure and explore which experts presented in 2024

2025 Speakers will be announced soon! 

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