Employment Law Essentials for Managers

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If you have staff responsibilities, this is your comprehensive guide to employment law in New Zealand. Employment law in New Zealand is complex, and all managers and team leaders should understand how to comply with lawful duties and maintain productive working relationships. Participants will gain an understanding of how to comply with employment laws in New Zealand to be a best practice employer. 

Presented by an experienced employment lawyer, this practical course provides a comprehensive overview of employment laws in New Zealand and your obligations, from hiring through termination, and everything in between. Through discussion and case scenarios, course participants will find out how to manage tricky staffing scenarios. The course will focus on how to reduce the risk of personal grievances and resolve employment relationship problems. Participants will discover how to manage staff relationships with confidence through activities and learning about case law.  

This course is designed for professionals in management and team leader positions, and for HR professionals who wish to maintain productive employment relationships. This course focuses on how to reduce the risk of any legal claims and apply best practice. 


Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your organisation and your managers comply with NZ Employment Laws  

  • Reduce the risk of inadvertently triggering time consuming and expensive personal grievance claims 

  • Manage your team with confidence that you are correctly following a good and fair process 

  • Ensure you have a defensible recruitment process from the job advertisement through to selection. 

  • Avoid privacy breaches and unlawful discrimination by ensuring your systems, processes and staff training are robust 

  • Know the process you need to follow to ensure appropriate consultation with staff in order to comply with duty to act in ‘good faith’ when making changes 

  • Have confidence that you are following a fair investigation into misconduct and disciplinary issues 

  • Get the performance you need to gain the confidence to manage poor performance by correctly and fairly following formal processes 

  • Get clarity on employee entitlements for holidays and sick leave under the Holidays Act 2003  

  • Develop strategies to reduce sick leave and absenteeism in the workplace 

  • Know your rights and obligations and how to manage long-term sick leave and medical incapacity 

  • Protect your employees with an overview of your Health and Safety obligations relating to:  

    • Duties and responsibilities of PCBUs to ensure safety at work 

    • Psychological Safety & Social Hazards e.g. stress and bullying 

    • Covid-19- special considerations 

  • Comply with legal obligations and follow guidance from case law 


Who Should Attend:

  • Business Owners 
  • Managers with direct reports  
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors with employee responsibilities 
  • HR professionals looking for a practical and applied course 


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  • 4 - 11 Aug 2022
  • interactive Virtual Course with Live Facilitator, 3 - days, 9am - 1pm each day (4 hrs) 4,8 & 11 August 2022