Minute Writing Masterclass for EAs & PAs

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Minutes can be really serious business.  Accurate minutes are vital but let’s face it—minute taking isn’t the most thrilling job.  Even worse, it can be intimidating and scary when there’s lot of pressure on you to get it right.  And then there’s the human factor:  Wafflers.  Mumblers.  Impromptu agenda items and wishy-washy chairpersons.

This course tackles the reality of minute taking and provides you with tools, processes, insight and practice until you feel confident no matter what the meeting situation.  Learn how to take minutes like a pro, and stay awake while you’re doing it.

A practical and hands-on course, you’ll work through exercises and scenarios to reinforce your learning and prepare you for the demands of your next meeting.

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop and a variety of examples to this course.

Learning Outcomes

You will walk away with the following, practically applied for you in your role:

  • A simple effective process for minute taking
  • A range of potential template examples for agendas, notetaking and minutes useful in a diverse range of settings (fit for purpose)
  • How great preparation makes minute taking easy
  • How to maximise or customise your agenda to align with the required minutes
  • How to manage the attendees in your meetings or forums in advance, then at the meeting to get what you need
  • Understanding of your role, rights and responsibilities and how to set these up for success in advance
  • How to set up the right relationship with your Chair
  • Knowledge and practical tools for filtering information and capturing what’s needed
  • Tips and ideas for turning notes to minutes, using technology and effective and efficient language
  • A range of approaches to help you stay alert and focused
  • A range of simple effective communication skills for manging challenging situations, people and speaking up in the right way within the meeting
Level 2 - Intermediate EA/PA & Office Management Courses
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  • 29 Sep 2022